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Volume & Wholesale

Terms & Conditions
  • Cancellation of orders may be subjected to a charge of 20% of the total order amount.

  • Ownership of goods belongs to MMAX Group (Canada) Inc. until fully paid.

  • No cash refund.

  • All acceptable returned goods are subjected to a 20% restocking fee.

  • $25.00 NSF charge will be applied on all returned cheques.

  • 2% monthly interest will be charged on your overdue account balance.

  • Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Shipping Liability Release

Dear valued customer, MMAX Group (Canada) Inc. henceforth referred to as "MMAX" is committed to mitigating incidences of theft and misdirected shipments. One way to protect you from losses is to insure every shipment of goods. We understand that you may have your own insurance that applies to your shipments. However, in the absence of your own insurance and upon your written instruction, MMAX would welcome the opportunity to arrange insurance on your shipments. According with industry standards, MMAX’s shipments to you are always F.O.B. shipping point. This means that you bear the cost of shipment and the risk of loss of these goods while they are in transit to you from MMAX. In order to provide the best service and to avoid uncertainty and confusion, MMAX requires that you complete this Shipping Liability Release Form [download]

Account Application

In order to open a business account with us, this Account Application Form [download] must be completed and faxed or e-mailed (see instructions within form). After approval, you will be contacted by one of our representatives who will then speak to you about account particulars and what we may do for you. MMAX thanks you for your support and business.

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