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WiFi 6 isn’t just faster – it’s a new and better way of delivering internet to your home or office.

WiFi 6 is the next generation of WiFi technology. It will connect you to the internet – at faster speeds than other WiFi routers – and also brings in some new tech that will improve your online experience. If your home or office hosts a large number of devices (including personal electronics, smart home devices, wifi enabled equipment, VR devices, and more), a WiFi 6 router will help reduce congestion and improve your experience.

WiFi 6 can deliver 9.6 Gbps (nearly three times the 3.5 Gbps recorded on WiFi 5). Realistically, both of these speeds exceed what one device will need… but WiFi 6 allows you to split your speed reliably over a wide range of devices in your home or office. And that improved network is where WiFi 6 really shines.


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